2:59am August 13, 2014

When gross weeaboo trash like ektele thinks your something to laugh at u kno u don goofed

Hi appear like once every five months with a friendly reminder I am still alive and if you want my personal I’m floating in the dominion fandom at protectedbythepeacock so ayyyyye

10:15pm July 15, 2014

Hisses at my inability to remember my damn joker tumblr email and accidentally logging on this one,

5:23pm June 18, 2014

Omg i suddenly become active and lose a follower #r00d i missed you too frond

5:22pm June 18, 2014

Also aequus is important

5:20pm June 18, 2014

I sent my friend a reaction imagine of sefalo and she dared me to make the face

I fricking did it

And she screamed at me

5:16pm June 18, 2014

I have a job interview tomorrow uwu

1:17pm May 14, 2014

Something about how I want to love my fantrolls again but effort to do so

7:17am May 12, 2014


Okay, so hear me out guys. Trolls are violent. Trolls die if no sex. Trolls can be pretty violent during sex. What if for those who love the tentabulge headcanon but fight between if there is just one bulge vs many tendrils, its actually that each troll starts with one, and it continues to grow, but if you cut it, bit it, or whatever, like a starfish it might grow into two parts, or new. So castrating isnt uncommon because then your bulge grows bigger and stronger. And for trolls like Vriska and Sollux, they might have purposefully cut theirs into parts for the cool affect of multiple, free minded tendrils just squirming like hey son???? Is that too stupid?

7:15am May 12, 2014

Really old text posts of mine are coming back from the grave

Who is doing the thing and why

6:43pm May 10, 2014


-=- i was walking around the forest and i saw this troll with another trolls butt in their face -=-

-=- silly trolls that’s not a seat! that’s a face! -=-

Thats uhm, ^ot what that mea^s.
6:41pm May 10, 2014


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my kind of town



Source For more posts like this, follow the Ultrafacts Blog!

my kind of town

6:38pm May 10, 2014

ŠD Hmm.

11:29am May 3, 2014


As someone with epilepsy this is an important message to share. Thank you bloggers for the heads up.

10:51pm May 1, 2014

The first step to recovery is deleting the answered ask sempai replied bc sempai wont notice me and its time to move on from sempai

10:50pm May 1, 2014
riftstucktrolls asked: ((whispers come back and rp with me QnQ))

Im back tho